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The Schatzlein Solutions Group (SSG) provides advisory services to healthcare companies and investors regarding population health, operating process improvement, physician joint ventures, interoperability and acquisitions.

In June 2017, SSG entered into an exclusive affiliation agreement with Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock, with Dr. Schatzlein’s services available only through Jarrard.

Mike Schatzlein, M.D., principal, has over 40 years’ experience as a physician and senior health system executive in both the nonprofit and investor-owned sectors.


In more than 40 years as a physician leader and health system leader, Mike Schatzlein has accomplished much and learned much. Here are some highlights of his career.

Pioneering transplant surgeon

Established Northern Indiana Heart Institute in 1984, and performed first heart transplant there in 1985. The first Jarvik-7 Total Artificial Heart followed in 1987. Lung and heart-lung transplants were next. As of 2002, nine of the world’s 22 longest-living heart transplant patients had received their new hearts under Dr. Schatzlein’s direction.

Mike Schatzlein

Champion for transit in Nashville

As Chair of the Amp Coalition, led Mayor Dean’s effort to educate the community on the need to begin development of mass transit.

Nashville Cityscape

Physician leader in managed care

In 1995, built the largest PPO in northern Indiana (LutheranPreferred), and the first and largest specialty PPO in the state (Lutheran Heart Alliance). Created integrated delivery system with physicians within Lutheran Health to manage populations under capitation successfully in the ‘90s.

Mike Schatzlein giving speech.

National leader in population health management

At Saint Thomas in Nashville, created the state’s largest accountable care organization, MissionPoint Health Partners. In 2016, was responsible for 35 Ascension hospitals in three states, organized into three integrated care delivery systems with $5 billion in combined net revenues. MissionPoint became the template for Ascension’s “Integrated Systems of Care” delivery model.

Saint Thomas hospital.

Established Nashville campus of University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center

Working with Chancellor Steve Schwab, established a core teaching campus for the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center at Saint Thomas in Nashville, with a growing number of residencies, medical students and other healthcare teaching programs in development. A new UTHSC building will soon be constructed on the Saint Thomas West campus.

University of Tennessee campus.

Successful transition from physician to administrator

Moved to administration in 1995 and helped executives from Quorum, Triad and CHS take Lutheran Hospital from a standalone hospital to northern Indiana’s largest health system, with eight hospitals and 43,000 annual admissions. Was appointed system CEO there in 2007, and in 2009 assumed operating responsibility for all ten of Community Health System’s Indiana hospitals.

Mike Schatzlein.

Community involvement

Has served on numerous boards and board executive committees, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Metro Nashville United Way, the Nashville Health Care Council, and Nashville’s Agenda. Chairs the United Way of Metro Nashville board of trustees for 2017.

Mike Schatzlein

Leader in medical interoperability

Served as a health system CIO in 2006, and oversaw implementation of integrated medical records in each health system he led. Founding director and current Board Chair of the Center for Medical Interoperability.

Mike Schatzlein.

Areas of expertise

Dr. Schatzlein is qualified to advise and assist health-related companies (including delivery, suppliers and IT) and investors in several areas.

Population Health

Dr. Schatzlein has been dedicated to improving the care of populations throughout his career. Watch him talk in 1993 about a coordinated approach to healthcare (2 min).

  • Founded Indiana’s first and largest specialty PPO, the Lutheran Heart Alliance, with 100,000 members.
  • As Lutheran Hospital’s vice president for managed care, built 100,000-member PPO LutheranPreferred, then formed the IPA that works today with Lutheran Health in Medpartners, a population health platform. In the ’90s, Medpartners profitably managed 30,000 capitated lives for several HMOs.
  • In Nashville with Ascension, launched MissionPoint Health Partners, an accountable care organization that successfully participated in the Medicare Shared Savings and follow-on programs, and was the only successful network on the ACA Exchange for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. MissionPoint expanded beyond Tennessee to become Ascension’s national model for person-centered value-based systems of care.

Physician Joint Ventures

  • Working with Quorum and Triad, was instrumental in syndicating six whole hospitals in Indiana.
  • In 1999, launched a de novo “greenfield” hospital project and led it from conception through an expansion just three years after opening. That hospital, in which physicians owned 16 percent, achieved more than twice the industry average EBITDA margin and became a “100 Top Hospital” by its tenth year of operation.
  • Has developed and operated numerous joint venture surgery, urgent care and imaging center operations. The imaging joint venture he created in Tennessee is the largest in the state.

Process Improvement

Dr. Schatzlein has been dedicated to clinical process improvement throughout his career. He was introduced to the work of W. Edwards Deming in graduate school and immediately recognized the applicability of these specific tools to process improvement in healthcare.

  • As a surgical resident, standardized the cardiovascular surgery clinical pathways at the Indiana University Medical Center and the University of Michigan Medical Center. He repeated this both on his arrival at Lutheran Hospital of Indiana and at a new surgical program he started at St. Joseph Hospital in Fort Wayne.
  • The heart and lung transplant program at Lutheran relied on standardized processes to achieve excellent results while expanding the boundaries of transplant medicine. Dr. Schatzlein’s group published seminal papers on outcomes using older donor hearts in older recipients, and on results of offering transplantation to patients who had been cured of malignancy.
  • Health systems Dr. Schatzlein led in northern Indiana, all of Indiana, Tennessee and Jacksonville all experienced significant improvements in outcomes and operating performance through the engagement of physicians and nurses in clinical process standardization and improvement.


With his background as a clinician and senior administrator, and his involvement in the Nashville Health Care Council, along with serving on the CEO Council for Council Capital, Dr. Schatzlein has evaluated numerous investment opportunities in healthcare and healthcare IT.

  • As Senior VP for Network Development, worked with Quorum and Triad acquisitions teams to grow Lutheran Hospital into eight-hospital Lutheran Health in northeastern Indiana and two-hospital Porter Health in the northwest. All of the acquisitions were of not-for-profit hospitals, with Dr. Schatzlein facilitating the relationships and negotiations with the local boards.
  • After consolidating Saint Thomas’ five hospitals under a single structure and operating model, acquired four hospitals from Capella to round out Saint Thomas’ population health coverage.
  • From his experiences with the acquisitions of Quorum by Triad and Triad by CHS, has a deep understanding of the issues surrounding integration of acquisitions, standardization of systems, and cultural challenges.


Clinical process improvement is greatly impeded by lack of interoperability among electronic medical records and medical devices. Dr. Schatzlein brought Ascension in at the ground floor of the Center for Medical Operability and became a founding board member. He currently serves as the Center’s board chair. Details about the Center can be found in a link at the “Friends” tab.


Dr. Schatzlein is available to advise and assist health-related companies (including delivery, suppliers and IT) and investors. In June 2017, SSG became an affiliate of Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock, Inc. To reach him, fill out the short form below or call Jarrard at 615 254-0575.
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